Coffee #KNOWYOURCOFFEE. A plant, a livelihood, an industry, a beverage, a culture. The sound of the name alone brings to mind the romanticism of it all. From the time it was accidentally discovered centuries ago by an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi, to its cultivation in Arabia, to its consumption as a stimulating drink by intellectuals and revolutionaries who discussed ideas and debated politics in cafés across Europe and beyond, these much-loved berries have experienced it all, as much as the drink has been experienced by those that live by it.

At The Cake Bar, we aim to bring you the same coffee and café lifestyle of the past, albeit in a contemporary environment. Meet. Work. Discuss. Play. Plan. Relax. Read. Dream. All over a cup of freshly roasted Zambian Arabica coffee (and other blends and single origins that we’ll stock occasionally).

Our trained, passionate and knowledgeable baristas use different brewing methods that give varying complex tastes depending on the method. Feel free to engage them in coffee conversation and guide you on your coffee journey.

How well do you know your coffee? Not much? It’s okay. We’re here to educate too as we serve you our freshly roasted, freshly ground, fantastic Zambian coffee. Have a look at the process below or CLICK HERE to see the journey of our coffee from farm to bean to cup.

We source the highest quality, AA size Arabica variety coffee beans from estates in Lusaka, Northern Province and Southern Province. We then roast them to a dark roast according to our taste profile and have the beans packed and dispatched to our cafes. The wonderful aroma you may have encountered are the beans releasing their compounds as they are being ground in the coffee grinder. When that ground coffee is brewed through hot water, the resulting coffee will give a full-bodied mouthfeel and a taste balance of caramel sweetness, citrus acidity and bitterness of the good kind. Our coffee is truly world class!

Don’t know your coffee beverages? Here’s some info to help you choose when you visit us next.

Espresso; A powerful little cup of concentrated coffee, served in ‘shots’, that allows you to experience the true essence of the coffee bean for a full, rich flavour. Extracted by forcing hot water under high pressure through ground coffee. Used as a base for other coffee drinks. *Ideal for coffee purists and connoisseurs. Notice the golden to dark-tan layer of foam on the surface of an espresso. That’s called the crema. It contains coffee oils that give a more pronounced flavour.

Espresso Con PannaTopped with whipped cream

Espresso Macchiato; ‘Marked’ with a dollop of steamed frothed milk

AmericanoA shot of espresso and hot water.

French Press; Hot water is poured over a medium ground, medium roast coffee and allowed to steep for 3 to 5 minutes, after which the plunger is pushed down gently.

Turkish Coffee; Finer than finely ground cardamom-spiced coffee heated in a pot while being stirred, resulting in a froth-filled cup of wonderfully aromatic and flavourful coffee.

Cappuccino; Made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk and smooth velvety frothed milk. A popular choice amongst non-regular coffee drinkers, and a good starting point if you are new to coffee.

Cappuccino with Cream; A dollop of whipped cream is added on top the cappuccino

Latte; Similar to the cappuccino but has more milk and less froth. Another popular drink with those who like the sweetness and creaminess of milk with their coffees.

Latte with Cream; A latte with a dollop of whipped cream

Latte Macchiato; Similar to the latte but with the espresso ‘marked’ over the foamed milk. The espresso on top makes it bolder.

Flavoured Latte; A latte sweetened with one of our flavoured syrups.

Flat White; A double shot of ristretto finished with velvety steamed milk.

Mocha; Espresso, steamed milk & hot chocolate for a chocolaty milky coffee.

White Mocha; White hot chocolate with steamed milk & espresso. Another favourite at The Cake Bar.

Coffee Frappe; Also know as the Coffee Smoothie, this is a shot of espresso, blended with sweetened milk & ice and topped with cream.

Iced Coffee/Iced Latte; Tall glass filled with ice & cold milk, topped with steamed milk & single espresso.

Iced Mocha; Tall glass decorated by chocolate sauce & filled with ice, cold milk, topped with foamed milk & single espresso. Decorate with chocolate sauce or cocoa powder.