There’s your home. There’s your workplace. Then there’s the Third place. That’s exactly what our cafés are. We aim to create an environment that is the ideal mash-up of your first two comfort zones.

Our cafés are more than just a building. We are a social context, the place you either come to escape the daily grind in a relaxing setting or from where you hustle your grind daily – over a book, a newspaper, food and coffee, with a community of like-minded individuals or alone.

We will lovingly make your food and drink using fresh ingredients and serve it to you with a genuine smile and warm Zambian hospitality. We hope you notice the difference.


Cakes. That’s what we started off doing with passion all those years ago. That’s where we got our name from. That’s how we made our name. So you can trust us in making your ideal cake based on your budget, on the occasion or on your cake preferences.


It happens to all of us. We tend to forget important dates. So let us send you a reminder that a birthday or anniversary of a friend, colleague or loved one is coming up. Simply SIGN UP and we'll give you a little nudge before any big day.


How well do you know your coffee?